Hey friend! Thanks for showing interest in the dis-orientation guide (DOG) working group at CMU! We think we're pretty cool but kinda' frantic and productive as hell all at the same time as we try to work on lots of issues at once! But some specific issues that activist groups at CMU are working on is divestment, banning bottled water campaign, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Solidarity, Anti-Palm Oil campaign, Renewable Energy, we even throw Political Prisoner Letter Writing Parties, normal boogy-ing-get-down-n'-shakin' it parties, and much more!

We're pretty new in working with the Dis-Orientation Collective, and have only released the first issue of the Dis-Orientation Guide (DOG), and are working on getting Issue 2 out ASAP! If you would like to get involved, help us write a DOG, or think of an issue you'd like us to write about, please just contact us!